Eco-friendly Agriculture Journal (EFAJ) considers original full and short length research papers, review articles from the field of broad spectrum agriculture (Crop science, Horticulture, Pest management, Agriculture and Environmental Engineering, Soil Science and Microbiology, Biotechnology, Agriculture economics, Rural sociology and Statistics, Food and Nutrition sciences, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Livestock sciences, Fisheries, Forestry, Wild lives and Environmental sciences, Agricultural climatology etc.) devoted to develop sustainable eco-friendly agriculture for publication. Only articles neither been published nor been submitted for publications elsewhere would be entertained.


Preparation of manuscript

Arrange Manuscript title (short and self explanatory), Author(s) name and address, in the first page. Print corresponding author’s address as Footnote. Second and subsequent pages should be arranged in the order of Manuscript title, Abstracts, Key words (not more than 5 words of phrases), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Result and discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (optional) and References. Review article and Short length paper deserves the same sequence and style. Limit full length paper and review article within 12 A4 pages of one and a half spaced type written text (including Tables, Figs etc.). The limitation of short paper would be within six similarly type written pages.

Prepare concise and readable manuscript. Limit Abstract within 300 words representing the whole paper. Introduction must be brief with a few review works and clear objective(s). Follow standard materials and method. The results and Discussion should preferably be combined. Interpret result with proper statistical support. More than one experiment is deserved in case of field study. The tables and figures must be limited, precise, and easily conceivable. Relate results to the objective(s).



Citation (Kono, 1995; Yamauchi and Biswas, 1997; Yamauchi et al. 1993 etc.) in the text should be arranged in alphabetical order in reference list. Examples:

Mahbub M A A, Khanam M, Rahman M S, Hossain M A and Gomosta A R. 2006. Determination of lodging characters of some BRRI recommended rice varieties at three nitrogen levels during wet season in Bangladesh. Bangladesh J. Bot. 35(2): 117-124
Gomez K A and Gomez A A. 1984. Statistical procedures for agricultural research, 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 680 p.
Gomosta A R, Quayyum H A and Mahbub M A A. 2001 Tillering duratiion and yielding ability of rice varieties in the winter rice season of Bangladesh. In Peng S and Hardy B. Rice research for food security and poverty alleviation. Proceedings of the International Rice research Conference. 31 March-3 April 2000. Los Banos, Philippines. 692 p.



Reprints (with Cover) will not be given to the author (s) for online publication.


Publication charge

Publication charge per full and short length paper are Tk 3000.00 and Tk. 2500.00, respectively. All payments should be sent as DD or MT for the Chief Editor, Eco-friendly Agriculture Journal, SB account # 4159 Sonali Bank, BRRI Branch, Gazipur-1701, and Bangladesh. Or you can send by bKash (Personal No. 01712675130) in cash to the executive member Dr. Md. Anwar Hossen.


Submission of paper

Send manuscript, correspondence, comments or suggestions about EFAJ by Email or Web address.



On behalf of the authors, the corresponding author have to sign a declaration during submission of the paper that the work was carried out by them and the contents of the paper were not considered for publication elsewhere.

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